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Frequently asked questions

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For all product and order related questions, please get in touch with our Customer Happiness team at hello@loopearplugs.com. They'll be more than happy to help you out with all your questions about Loop products and your order. Please note they're experiencing an influx of emails so their reply may be slower than normal.

Unfortunately, we can’t apply any promotional discounts to orders placed before the promotion went live. But to avoid missing out next time, sign up for our newsletter to be first to hear about any upcoming sales, drops and promotions!

Double check to make sure the answer to your question isn’t answered here already – if not, feel free to reach out to the Circle support team at community@loopearplugs.com. You can also use the Help button on the Loop Circle page.

The dedicated Loop Circle support team is available to answer your questions Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CET.​

We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.​

Your Loop Circle account is separate from your Loop Shopify account, which means that you could possibly have two different e-mails and passwords for these accounts. We recommend using the same email address for both accounts, so that you can automatically earn your points when you place an order.

Sorry to see you go! You can delete your Loop Circle account via the Security and Log In section within your profile.

Using the app

You can modify your email address on the Loop Circle page by clicking on Settings, Email address and then Change.

You can update your password within the app by clicking on Settings and then Update password. If you forgot your password, you can always click on Forgotten password on the Loop Circle login page.

Click Edit profile to access your profile page. There you’ll be able to edit your profile picture.​

Earn points by completing challenges as you progress through the different levels. The more points you earn, the more levels and rewards you’ll unlock. We will frequently introduce new rewards and challenges so that you can earn more points to unlock the next level. Points cannot be used as discounts or to purchase new Loop products.

The total number of points you have is shown next to your name.​

At the top of your profile, you’ll see a progression bar. Directly above this bar you’ll find the number of points you need to level up.​

The order history in your Loop account displays orders made using your email address. On the flip side, the order history in your Loop Circle account specifically tracks referral orders made through your referral link. This makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your referral progress and rewards tied to referral purchases.

In order to receive points for your order, your in-store email address must match your Loop Circle email address. You will then automatically receive the points in your Notifications on the Loop Circle page. For every €1 spent on our Shopify store, you earn 5 points. Purchases made outside of our Shopify store are not eligible to receive order points.

You automatically earn points with purchases made up to one month before you create your Loop Circle account. Unfortunately, order points won't be received for purchases made on or before October 1, 2022 or for purchases made outside of our Shopify store.

On the main menu, click Rewards. You’ll also be able to see which rewards you’ve received from leveling up!​

You can log out of your Loop Circle account by scrolling all the way down on the Loop Circle page and clicking on “log out”.

Loop Lab lets you give feedback on new products through product surveys. These surveys can take the form of challenges within the Circle, with rewards like Circle points, giveaways or prizes.


You can find your personal referral link under the Referrals & Tiers page.

If you've received a referral link from a Loop Circle member and clicked on it to access our website, you may not see your discount right away. No need to worry! Once you add products to your cart, you'll see the 15% discount applied at the checkout. Be sure to double-check it has been applied before paying!

Unfortunately, our website does not allow the stacking of multiple discounts or promotions in a single purchase. This means that if you have a referral discount code, it cannot be used in combination with other ongoing promotions.

Every Loop Circle member has a personal referral link – worth 15% off for friends and family. Each time a purchase is made using your code, it counts as a referral. And for each referral milestone, you get to claim a reward. ​

  • Refer 1 friend to earn 150 Circle points ​
  • Refer 5 friends to earn a €30 discount (enough for a pair of Loops)
  • Refer 15 friends to earn a €100 discount and a one-on-one with a key leader in Loop’s organization, to get the full scoop on all the exciting stuff we’re working on.​

Sorry about that! The 15% referral discount is only applied during checkout with your referral link. Please be sure to double-check your cart before proceeding. If you encounter any issues with the code during checkout, please reach out to community@loopearplugs.com with a screenshot of what you’re seeing so we can provide further assistance.

The referral milestones are: 1, 5 and 15 friends referred. Your referral rewards will be sent to you through e-mail once your first friend makes an order and receives it. If you are not subscribe to the Loop newsletter, you will not receive the emails with referral rewards. Unfortunately, we currently don't have the option for you to unsubscribe from our newsletter while still receiving Loop Circle and referral updates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You can track your referral progress under the Referrals & Tiers page. Simply click on "order history" in the referral section on the page. As soon as your friend's order is "complete" it will be marked under "status."

Yes, absolutely! When you share your referral link and someone makes a purchase through it, even if they use a different promotion or discount code during their purchase, it will still count as a referral made by you towards your referral milestones and rewards. So, feel free to share your referral link with confidence, and your referrals will contribute to your progress within the program.


This means that your attempt at completion was rejected. Don’t worry, though! You can check the possible reasons for this under rejected submissions.​

This means that your attempt at completion was rejected. Don’t worry, though! You can check the possible reasons for this under rejected submissions.

This means that this is a repeatable challenge – meaning you can complete it more than once. The number of times you’re able to complete a challenge may vary (e.g. once per week), and this information will be provided within individual challenges.​

There will be a set number of times that you can complete a repeatable challenge. This information can be found within the challenges themselves.

Your challenge may have been rejected for various reasons, and it's important to understand why. Here are some common reasons:

For photo challenges:

  • Privacy Settings: Make sure your social media account is set to public. Our platform automatically scans and retrieves information from Instagram, but this only works with public profiles. You can reset your account to private after the challenge has been approved without losing any points.
  • Hashtags: Double-check that you've included all the required hashtags for the specific challenge. Also, ensure that hashtags are included in your post captions rather than in the comments section, as posts with hashtags in comments might not be recognized.
  • Fresh Content: Submit a brand new post for the challenge. The system may not pick up older posts.
  • Multiple Challenge Use: Avoid using the same image for multiple challenges.
  • Low-Quality Images: Ensure that the image you submit meets our quality standards.

For General Program Participation:

  • Inappropriate Content: Include mentions, images, or references to explicit content, violence, or drug-related content.
  • Offensive Language/Imagery: Use offensive language or imagery, including any form of abuse directed at competitors, employees, social personalities, or religious figures.
  • Dangerous Activities: Include imagery depicting dangerous activities or harm done to others.
  • Disrespectful Behavior: Treat other members of the community with disrespect.
  • Manipulative Practices: Purposefully engage in attempts to manipulate the platform, including falsification or misrepresentation of social media accounts or publishing referral codes.

Moderation usually takes 24 hours but can in some situations take up to 72 hours. There may be slightly longer wait times over weekends and during national holidays.

After submitting an Instagram Post challenges, it will automatically move to the 'Awaiting Approval' stage. Please wait for up to 5 minutes.

If you receive a notification in the notification tab confirming successful completion, your task submission was successful. However, if the notification indicates rejection due to missing hashtags and/or mentions, ensure that you include the requested mention and all specified hashtags before resubmitting.


You will need to copy the discount code directly from your rewards tab and paste it into your basket at checkout. Please double check the terms of the code before applying it. Some discount codes are only valid for a specific set of products or for a minimum basket spend, for example. Please note that all Loop Circle level reward discounts are not applicable to items outside our core range (excludes limited edition drops, collaborations and seasonal collections).